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So many lash products and you want to try them all, without breaking the bank? We've got you, boo!  

The BeautyPro Box is a quarterly discovery box bursting with professional goodies for Lash Extension Pros! We've done the hard work for you, curating some of our favourite products from our featured vendors, and delivering tons of value right to your front door! We'll even give you tips and tricks on how to best use all the goodies you get!


Carefully curated for your convenience.

Discover products from some of the world's top brands without the hassle of minimum orders and shipping for each company.

Huge Value.

Hundreds of dollars of lash product and discounts in every box, for as little as $0.77 a day! Shipping INCLUDED in Canada!

Hive Mind.

Tips and tricks on how to use each product, and random bonus gifts to hive members subscribed to the quarterly option.

Save Bees.

A portion of every box sold gets donated to a Bee-saving charity. Way to Bee the change!

Sharing is Caring!

Order a BeautyPro Box for yourself, and gift one to your lash bestie too! 


Two ways to play!

Here's how it works: Choose your adventure!

When you order a Just One Box, you will receive a Mystery Box full of assorted lash goodies from our vault. Just One Boxes can be ordered at anytime. Your adventure ends there unless you order again.

When you sign up to the Quarterly Subscription, the first box you receive is a Mystery Box full of assorted lash goodies from our vault. Subsequent boxes get shipped with each season's newly curated goodies, AND you have the chance of receiving BONUS items! The adventure continues.

JUST KIDDING! There's currently only ONE way to play. 

Due to much of the world still being on lockdown, we are taking a SUBSCRIPTION BREAK. This means you can still purchase the Just One Box option, but the Quarterly Subscription option is currently unavailable.

Just One Box $74.95 CAD (billed one time)

Scared of commitment? We've got you covered! Try just one box or gift one to a friend - no strings attached! (This option is for a one-off box, so if you want the next one, you'll have to order again or subscribe for automatic recurring billing/shipping.)

Subscription $69.95 CAD (billed quarterly)

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? We've got you covered! Subscribe to the quarterly automatic recurring billing/shipping so you'll never miss out an another BeautyPro Box again! (This option is a min one-year, or four-box subscription. Kinda like a magazine)

SORRY! This option is currently unavailable.

Please amuse yourself with lashing tips and tricks videos on our YouTube channel HERE!

Featured Vendors

A special thank you to our incredible Featured Vendors for producing such amazing products for us to enjoy!



Winter 2020 Vendors



Autumn 2020 Vendors



Summer 2020 Vendors

Many of our Hive members were on lockdown during the Summer 2020 box cycle due to COVID restrictions, so we took a summer break.



Spring 2020 Vendors



Winter 2019 Vendors



Autumn 2019 Vendors



Summer 2019 Vendors



Spring 2019 Vendors



Winter 2018 Vendors

Hey There!

I'm Emily, an Award-Winning Esthetician & Lash Artist, International Judge & Educator, and Freelance Multi-Media Journalist from Vancouver. 

I'm just a girl who is obsessed with bacon, dancing, and discovering the best pro lash & brow products available! I love trying new products, and when I find something I like, I just can't keep it to myself, it's not in my nature. 

I believe in being uplifting, integrous, passionate, inspired, fun, and most of all, I believe in being the change. Please join me in my journey of (lash) discovery! 

Ready to discover some awesome products? (and have some fun too?) 

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