Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)

Certification Exam for Lash Professionals

Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)

Certification Exam For Lash Professionals

Hey! You made it here!

If you've made it to this page, it means that you have already taken our NALA-Accredited Infection Prevention & Control Course for Lash Professionals with one of our fabulous Academy Licensee Partners found HERE

*If you have not already taken the IPAC Course and ended up here by happy accident, and you would like to take this course, please click HERE to find information on how to take the course.*

Why get this certification?

If you found your way here and are reading this, you probably already know that infection prevention and control is an essential part of any personal service business, especially one that deals with a mucous membrane, like eyelash extensions! Taking a course and re-examining to earn your certificate every year shows your clients and colleagues that you take your profession and their health and safety seriously. This sets you apart from your competition and creates trust and peace of mind.

I already know I want it.


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Give Me The Details Please!

If you're here, you've already watched the course content through one of our awesome Licensee Partners, and (hopefully) took a lot of notes.

When you hit the "Buy Now" button, this is what will happen:

  • You get your login credentials emailed to you so you can find the Exam in your Library.
  • You get instant access to the Exam where you'll need to score over 85% to pass.
  • Your Exam gets graded and you'll know immediately whether or not you passed.
  • If you don't pass right away, it's completely normal! You can keep taking the Exam as many times as needed until you achieve a passing score (within a year).

When you achieve your passing score, this is what will happen:

  • Your digital Certificate gets personalized with your name and expiry/renewal date, and will be emailed to you within 3 business days after passing, and the Exam will disappear from your library. (Does not include weekends or holidays. Certificate processing turnaround time may change without notice)
    ***Be sure NOT to unsubscribe to our email marketing, otherwise we cannot send you your certificate!***
  • You get the link and option to join the private Facebook Group exclusive for current IPAC Graduates and Licensees for ongoing support on your lash journey.
  • Your name and business information gets added to our current Graduate Directory. See HERE!
  • You get to strut your stuff (deservingly so) and show off your new Certificate to your envious colleagues and adoring clients on social media!
  • You implement all the new protocols you learned, which may result in your clients feeling extra confident, safe, and secure in your capable hands.
  • You get filled with confidence and a sense of achievement for a job well done.

When your automatic annual recurring renewal fee gets processed one year from your purchase date, this is what will happen: 

  • You will get instant access to the entire, most up to date Infection Prevention & Control for Lash Professionals digital course and Workbook at this lower "Exam Only" fee to refresh your knowledge. (if you cancel your recurring billing, you'll lose this lower fee and have to pay the full course fee)
  • You will get access to the most up to date IPAC Exam so you can pass it and renew your Certificate.
  • Upon passing with a score of 85% or more, you will receive your digital Certificate, personalized with your name and the new expiry/renewal date emailed to you.
  • You stay in the private Facebook Group exclusive for current IPAC Graduates and Licensees for ongoing support. (unless you choose not to)
  • Your name and business information stays on our current Graduate Directory.
  • You will implement any changes necessary to your infection control protocol.
  • You again get to strut your stuff, feel all the feelings of a job well done and certificate well deserved for another year!

*results, feelings, and levels of confidence and achievement may vary per individual*
A "Current Graduate" is someone who has passed their Exam, and holds a current, not expired Certificate from us



We all want the same thing - higher industry standards, so why not work together on it! 

We want to change the (Lash) world, and if you're still reading this, then chances are, you do too! We know that in order to create an impact, we need to first BE the change

We have partnered up with some incredible academies and priced this course ridiculously low so that we can make it a no-brainer for amazing Lash Professionals like you to study with us instead of using up your valuable time researching something we've already created.

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Annual Exam Fee CAD (Canadians)

$35/year (+tax)

Top features

  • Access to earn your Certificate
  • Current Graduate / Licensee Exclusive FB Group Access*
  • Current Graduate Directory*

Annual Exam Fee USD (International)


Top features

  • Access to earn your Certificate
  • Current Graduate / Licensee Exclusive FB Group Access*
  • Current Graduate Directory*

* After passing our exam and earning your certificate. Access is renewed each year when certificate is re-earned.*
Attaining a passing grade is not guaranteed, and requires effort, but the feeling of pride and achievement is unparalleled!

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